Afframsikpa Children Foundation

ASCF is a non-profit organisation based in Vakpo, Anfoega, Alavanyo and Pakro, Ghana. We believe every child should receive education, better health care and to get a chance to strive.


Here at Afframsikpa Children Foundation, we help underprivileged children by providing education, lunch projects, businesses for their Parent(s). We also have several Volunteer and Internship programs.

Here at ASCF



Every child no matter their back-ground or adversities is equal in our eyes, we view education as a vital tool in creating a brighter opportunities for their future. 


ASCF is committed to working with children in poor communities by providing basic quality education and productive play time activities.


With the support from our sponsors and volunteers, we have been able to continually provide orphans and families with children living in hardship -  with basic health care, food supplies, quality education and home care essentials.


By volunteering or donating to ASCF, we are enabled to continue implementing our strategic aims in capacity building and ensuring sustainability in our environment.

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“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see”

Mark Twain